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Keynote Speakers: Stuart J. Murphy, Ed Dickey

2019 SCCTM Fall Conference November 14 - 15, 2019

Greenville Convention Center, Greenville, South Carolina

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2019 Conference Program

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2019 KeyNote Speakers 

Thursday am key note: Dr. Trena Wilkerson, NCTM President-Elect

Bio: Trena Wilkerson is a mathematics education professor in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction in the School of Education at Baylor University in Waco, Texas where she teaches both graduate and undergraduate mathematics education courses and conducts professional development and research. She taught high school mathematics for 18 years. She is the current NCTM President-Elect and has published in several of NCTM’s journals, Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School,Mathematics Teacher, Teaching Children Mathematicsand Journal of Research in Mathematics Education, chaired the MTMS Editorial Panel and served on the NCTM Board of Directors. She loves teaching and learning mathematics in support of current and future mathematics teachers and leaders!

Session title: Taking Action Together in Mathematical Teaching and Learning: Empowering Teachers to Empower Students

Session description: What does it mean to combine our math superpowers to work together to impact student learning and empower students mathematically? We will look at individual and collective responsibilities and opportunities and what our role is in taking action to effect student mathematical learning along with engaging in mathematical tasks and exploring resources available and needed to do this. Let’s empower teachers’ math superpower through action that can then empower students in learning mathematics. Let’s do this!

Thursday pm key note: James Burnett, Founder and CEO of ORIGO Education


Bio: James Burnett is the founder and CEO of ORIGO Education. He is passionate about education and is continually striving to make mathematics learning meaningful, enjoyable and accessible by all students and their teachers. He has authored and co-authored more than 300 mathematics resources for teachers and students and regularly speaks to audiences across Australia and North America.

James aims to lift the profile of mathematics through dynamic professional learning and the development of innovative print and digital resources for the classroom. His achievements have been recognized with awards such as the 2009 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award; the 2017 Elementary Publisher of the Year Award(Australia); and Learning Magazine’s 2018 Teacher’s Choice Award for ORIGO’s core K-6 math program Stepping Stones 2.0.

Session titleDeveloping Fact Fluency from Conceptual Understanding – Rather than Gimmicks!

Session descriptionFact fluency is more than the memorization of isolated facts. Students need to see connections among facts. They need visual representations to help form a ‘mind picture’ that connects to a thinking strategy. This session will model appropriate visual aids that help students to master the basic facts – with understanding!


Friday am key note: Dr. Bernard Frost, Director of Teacher Quality and Staff Development for Spartanburg School District Two

Bio: Dr. Bernard. E. Frost is currently the Director of Teacher Quality and Staff Development for Spartanburg School District Two. He also serves as the Southern 1 Regional Director of NCSM: Leadership in Mathematics; Partner in Transforming Learning Culture, LLC; and the Past-President of South Carolina Leaders of Mathematics Education. With over 14 years of teaching experience and conducting professional developments, Dr. Frost’s passion for education is evident in his willingness to put forth 100% in developing professional development opportunities that assist educators’ in their ongoing process of improving instructional practices that impact student achievement.

A snapshot into his classroom modeling lessons, coaching sessions, and professional development workshops would reveal richly developed lessons guided by inquiry-based learning strategies based on students’/teachers’ needs. Students and teachers who attend his sessions are captivated and engaged in hands-on activities he provides to his attendees. Information shared at these sessions also provides attendees with a deeper understanding and reflective practices that transfer into effective teaching and learning. Facilitating professional learning sessions has given Dr. Frost the opportunity to travel around the country as a keynote speaker and trainer.

As a consummate researcher and practitioner in the field of education, Dr. Frost focuses on ways to improve instructional practices and student achievement. He continuously researches new strategies to meet the needs of administrators, teachers and students. The learning gleaned from his research provides an excellent basis for comparison with previous skill sets as a classroom teacher which immediately yields dividends in its applicability to his various roles in school districts.

Dr. Frost’s commitment to help teachers has recently transferred onto his current position and as an Adjunct Professor at Converse College, in which he helps preservice and first year teachers. Frost says, “Inspiring the next generation of teachers provides great insight on the future of education, and allows me to have an impact on it.”

Session title: Strengthen your Teaching Superpowers using Math Strategies that Promote Engagement

Session description: Teachers have the power to engage and take action.  This session will strengthen teachers’ superpower of engagement by exploring multiple ways to implement lessons with fun and innovative activities that will get students involved in the learning process. Teachers will be provided multiple activities to engage ALL students, promote academic discourse, and assist students with developing a conceptual understanding of each lesson.


Friday pm key note (closing speaker): Laurie Boswell, Ed.D, 

BioLaurie Boswell taught high school mathematics for 25 years at Profile School in Bethlehem, NH. She then became the Head of School and taught middle school mathematics at The Riverside School in Lyndonville, VT for ten years.  She retired from Riverside and is now working fulltime writing, and providing professional development and embedded coaching in schools throughout the United States. 

 Laurie earned her B.S. in Mathematics and M.Ed. in Mathematics Education from Plymouth State University and her doctorate in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies from the University of Vermont.

 Laurie has presented at numerous local, state, regional, and national conferences on geometry, algebra, assessment, and instructional practices. She is a co-author of elementary, middle school and high school textbooks, and has written articles for national and state publications. Her current interest is in research related to high impact teaching strategies.

 Laurie has served in many leadership positions.  She was the president of the NH Teachers of Mathematics and the Council of Presidential Awardees in Mathematics.  She also served on the Board of Directors for the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and the National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics.

 Her hobbies include geocaching, gardening, and spending time with family and friends.

Session title: Teacher Superpowers: Fact or Fiction?

Session description: Whether you are a veteran of the classroom or in your first year, there are things you just know to be true.  For instance, your bladder control is far superior to any of your friends, unless of course they too are a classroom teacher.  That’s a superpower! You also know the importance formative assessment as a means to receive student feedback and improve student achievement. That’s a superpower!  This session is a lighthearted … and serious look at teacher superpowers.


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Student Pages

Any pre-service teacher who is interested in attending can receive free registration and a free one-year membership by volunteering by October 13. Our pre-service volunteers are called “Student Pages”. Student Pages commit to volunteering at the conference for at least two 2-hour blocks of time. During this time, Student Pages help presenters ensure that their presentation rooms are set up, help SCCTM officers with their duties, and help direct participants to specific rooms. When not volunteering, Pages can attend sessions and the exhibit hall.

This is a wonderful, free opportunity for to engage with and learn from a professional community of mathematics teachers. This is also a great item to list on your resume and to mention during upcoming job interviews. Student Pages who volunteer by October 13, will receive benefits for serving include FREE Conference Registration, FREE lunch, a FREE t-shirt, and a FREE 1-year SCCTM membership.

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